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Structural particle 的 “de” (Chinese Grammar)

的 [de] 1. 的 [de] – a possessive particle, placed after pronouns, not used to denote family and close relationships. Examples: Chinese Pinyin English 我妈妈 wǒ māma my mother 我家 Wǒjiā my home 我国 wǒ guó my country 2. 的 [de] – is placed between the description and the subject. Examples: Chinese Pinyin English 好喝的茶 …

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HSK Exam (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) The Complete Guide

Millions of people are now studying Chinese. In order to understand what level of knowledge of the Chinese language a particular person has, an assessment system was specially developed. This is the HSK exam. This abbreviation stands for Chinese Proficiency Exam. In Chinese 汉语 水平 考试, pinyin (han yu shui ping kao shi). That is, …

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