English vocabulary by topic

Family vocabulary in English

family Ancestor Great grandfather maternal great-grandfather great-grandmother father’s grandfather maternal grandfather parents (father and mother) father mother dad mom uncle (father’s younger brother) maternal uncle older brother younger brother older sister younger sister a son Foster-son daughter stepdaughter nephew niece cousin older cousin grandson granddaughter great-grandson great granddaughter father-in-law mother-in-law spouse wife son-in-law daughter-in-law stepfather

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Sports vocabulary in English

sports Skiing Engage in sports Master of Sport Rowing sport water sports winter sports Sport (physical Culture) Biceps triceps Abdominal muscles Pectoralis Exerciser Barbell Lift the barbell dumbbel Dumbbell gymnastics Bicycle training device treadmill (simulator) Aerobics horizontal bar running strongman, athlete Bodybuilding Instructor; coach gym Kinds of sports football ; soccer basketball volleyball ice hockey

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Expressing Feelings, Attitude, Mood, Emotions vocabulary in English

dissatisfied ridicule, sarcasm gratitude, be grateful unflappable, cold-blooded trust to be moved love, like I like to travel feel satisfied, satisfied, contented doubt, suspect lonely patience worry, be excited exciting news care, worry about … support credit support get support confront, objection, opposition celebrate, encourage, praise fear grieve, worry, sad joy shy ask try, make

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