Learn to Read Chinese: Initial sounds (Food), 也 (yě, also), 不 (bù, not)

Initial sounds

Pinyin* letters g, k, h, and s are pronounced similarly to sounds in English.

guó country (as in “skin”)
guest (as in “kangaroo”)
hǎo good (as in “hall”)
sān three (as in “sand”)

也 (yě, also)

You already know that , (yě) which means also or too, always comes before the adjective* for example, 我很高兴, (Wǒ hěn gāoxìng). The same applies then 也 is used with verbs*.

喝茶 hē chá I also drink tea

不 (bù, not)

In English, we say I do not eat noodles or He does not eat noodles. To negate* a sentence in Chinese, you only need to add no ( bù) before the verb*. Easy peasy.

我吃面。 Wǒ chī miàn. I eat noodles.
吃面。 chī miàn. I don’t eat noodles.
你也喝茶。 Nǐ yě hē chá. You also drink tea.
你也喝茶。 Nǐ yě hē chá. You also don’t drink tea.
我认识你。 Wǒ rènshí nǐ. I know you.
认识你。 rènshí nǐ. I don’t know you.

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