Why Learn Chinese?

Why do I need Chinese: arguments FOR

Chinese is considered the most widely spoken language in the world. It is spoken by 1.5 billion people, which is about 20% of the world’s population. But, of course, this is not the answer to the question of why you need Chinese. On the other hand, more often than not, Chinese is studied for:

  • Higher education;
  • Works and careers in the PRC;
  • Work in international companies;
  • Translations from Chinese and into Chinese;
  • Travel and shopping;
  • Self-development;

In addition, this language is also necessary if you want to understand what is written in the instructions for equipment from the PRC, where there is no translation into English or Russian. This argument is, of course, comic, but the previous ones do not even contain a fraction of a joke. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Why you need Chinese: facts

China is a country, whatever you say, amazing in every sense. The economic miracle, the rapid development of industry and science in China are surprising. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the inscription “Made in China” no longer indicates the insufficient quality of products.

European and American companies transferred production to the PRC, and the country’s own production is developing at an accelerated pace. The Chinese economy is one of the most advanced, and the country’s leadership is making every effort to develop it further.

And even with the coronavirus pandemic, China is a country whose economy is recovering rapidly. Despite political strife, trade wars and epidemics, China continues to develop. Therefore, it has become attractive to many people seeking to study or work abroad. The PRC in this regard is not inferior to Europe or the United States.

That is why Chinese language courses are so popular lately. Universities with Chinese overseas have caught on to the current trend. Accordingly, these educational institutions use special programs to make the learning of the Chinese language effective.

So why do you need Chinese?

Why Chinese is needed: an argument – for education

As an economy and industry, education is booming in China. The country needs highly qualified specialists, so education in universities is conducted at the highest level.

Modern programs, relevant specialties, the best educational equipment and ample opportunities for students – Chinese universities are already not far behind the best European and American universities.

Therefore, schoolchildren should consider learning Chinese. Admission to a university, good study is a solid chance for a career not only in your country, but also in China.

Why you need Chinese: an argument – for work and career

The PRC is home to nearly 1.5 billion people, and there seems to be no shortage of workers. Nevertheless, foreign specialists are welcomed in the country. Work here can be found:

  • Researchers 科学研究 人员;
  • Highly qualified employees in industrial, research, manufacturing and oil fields 各种 行业 人才 (工业 、 研究 、 生产 、 石油 行业);
  • IT specialists IT- 专家;
  • Teachers 教员;
  • Medics 医生.

But even without a diploma of higher education in the PRC, it is not difficult to find a job. Service sector, tourism, entertainment – artists, musicians, guides are welcome in the country.

We shouldn’t forget about the development of trade relations between Europe and China. In China, branches, divisions of European companies are opening more and more often, and vice versa, joint ventures are operating. For a company employee, knowledge of Chinese will help build a career.

Working in China is a good decision. Specialists in engineering and management positions receive salaries here comparable to those in Western Europe and even higher.

But ordinary employees live like a well-to-do middle class. And this is not only in China 中国, Singapore 新加坡, Taiwan 台湾, Hong Kong 香港, USA 美国 – they also speak Chinese here. Knowledge of the language expands the geography of employment.

Why you need Chinese: an argument – for modeling and entertainment

In China, foreigners are treated with respect. You can get a position in a company with minimal responsibilities – the very fact of having a foreign employee raises the company’s status in the eyes of clients and counterparties.

The modeling business in the PRC is a separate area. A lot of clothes are produced here, they need to be advertised, and models with a European appearance are in demand. Physique requirements are minimal, there are hundreds of jobs for girls and guys on the Internet, and the rates for a show or photo shoot are quite high.

The same goes for artists. Dancers, singers with European looks get high pay, but to get a job, you need to know Chinese.

Translations and work with documents

The development of trade and business relations between countries requires the maintenance of an appropriate document flow. Business papers, instructions, business correspondence – the demand for translators is high. It’s never too late to change your profession, and if you want to learn Chinese it will be beneficial and profitable.

Yes, it is important for a translator to know the language perfectly, but you have no obstacles to this. You can learn any language, to any level – there would be a desire, there are many opportunities.

Also in China teachers, English language tutors are in demand. But since work is often carried out with students with zero level of English, a foreign teacher needs to know Chinese, but not everywhere.

Travel, shopping

China is a large country with dozens of provinces and regions. Each province and city has a unique atmosphere, everywhere there is something to see. Plus – a diverse nature that amazes with splendor.

You can travel endlessly around the PRC, and each time you will find something new for yourself. Why learn Chinese, because you can use the services of a guide, translator? The answer is simple: for a deep dive into the culture and local specifics. If this is important to you, knowledge of the language is a must.

When it comes to shopping, you can buy anything profitably in China – everyone knows that. But you need to know Chinese. Because in China it is customary to bargain, this is a rule of good form. And for this you need to know Chinese, tk. many Chinese do not speak English.

On the other hand, for online shopping, fluency in Chinese is also important. For example, you can contact the seller directly, without an intermediary, and buy products without extra charges. Machine translation does not work in the case of Chinese, because you can get an incomprehensible translation.

Chinese for life

Even if you got a job in a company where it is enough to know English or everyone in the office is Russian, you still need Chinese. For everyday shopping, communication with neighbors, life. If you expect to live in China for several years or stay here for permanent residence, you should definitely learn Chinese.


Knowledge of a foreign language 外语 is a huge advantage. And you don’t have to learn European languages, Chinese 汉语 also deserves attention. You will gain access to a rich cultural layer by reading books, watching films without translation.

Neurophysiologists have proven that in order to maintain clarity of thinking in old age, to prevent diseases of the central nervous system, you need to constantly teach the brain something new.

And learning Chinese 汉语 is an excellent option. People who speak a foreign language have high intelligence (and this is not an innate feature), more developed systemic thinking. In recent years, such people are becoming less and less. And yes, you can read the instructions in Chinese 汉语, use the Chinese Internet 中国 网络 freely.

Why learn Chinese

At any age, knowledge is of great benefit. Development, immersion in culture, expansion of travel geography. Why learn Chinese when there are translators? Profitable purchases, well-paid jobs, study with the prospect of profitable employment – all this is China.

The development of the country continues, the leaders of the PRC have ambitious plans, and they are being implemented. Therefore, for those who are now thinking about a career, the Chinese language is needed.

It will not hurt those who want to change their lives – today it is not necessary to work in one company, in one country until retirement. You can always get a new profession, learn the language, change jobs and even the country of residence. Everyone has opportunities, so only motivation is required from you.

How difficult is it to learn Chinese?

Quite difficult. The first difficulty is in hieroglyphics. Or in Chinese 汉子 or 中国 字. An excellent level of knowledge of the Chinese language 汉语 、 中文 requires knowledge of 3-4 thousand hieroglyphs, the minimum for a worker is 2 thousand. To read specialized literature – already 5-6 thousand.

But the hieroglyphic structure is clear, and in the 50s of the last century, complex hieroglyphs were simplified. This makes learning Chinese easier. Now in China, the simplified characters are used: Traditional writing of hieroglyphs has survived on the island of Taiwan 台湾, in Hong Kong 香港, Macau о, Guangzhou 广州.

The second difficulty is pronunciation. Chinese is a tone language. When learning Mandarin 普通话 (main dialect), you need to master the 4 basic tones 声调. The tone depends on the meaning of the word, which is pronounced the same (but the spelling is different).

Another difficulty is the minimum number of international words. All foreign words are either translated or transcribed. On the other hand, there is an abundance of idioms. Plus – a large number of meanings of the word, depending on the context (although for European people this is familiar).

But the Chinese grammar 汉语 语法 is simple, it dispenses with numbers, gender, and tenses. The meaning of a noun, verb, or adjective is determined by its place in the sentence.

There are many peculiarities and difficulties in learning Chinese, but you can master it. For example, millions of people cope with this every year. Offline or online courses, tutors, programs, educational films, lectures – there are many opportunities for learning foreign languages. And if you set a goal, you can master Chinese from scratch to an intermediate level in a year.

Why do I need Chinese? Prospects for 2020 and beyond

Learning any foreign language 外语 is a job for the future. Accordingly, the Chinese language 汉语 will give you a lot of opportunities. They are associated with the prospects for the country’s economic and technical development.

Since 2008, the PRC has become an attractive country for thousands of people who have lost their jobs due to the crisis. The multi-million dollar domestic market and the export of goods to dozens of countries support production. That is why there are a lot of job offers.

This applies to top specialists and ordinary workers. Do not forget that European appearance is respected in China, therefore foreign workers in companies, shops, cafes and salons are very desirable.

Politics and the pandemic have halted economic development, but China is confidently regaining its lost ground. Its position in 2020 is very stable, which means the continued demand for foreign workers in various industries.

In the future, the PRC economy will overtake the American one and become the first in the world. And by 2030, the country’s government plans to make the yuan the second reserve currency. Experts predict the share of Chinese GDP up to 40% of the world – by 2040. Accordingly, the size of the middle class in China will continue to grow.


As they say, every language you speak opens up new possibilities. Regardless of age, education and specialization, moving to China makes sense for those looking to secure a better future.

Even if the reforms are not carried out and the existing economic model becomes obsolete, there will be no critical shocks. Chinese history has had its ups and downs, transitions from full bloom to ruin. This allows the country to continue its development.

Chinese is a complex language, unusual, beautiful in its own way. And if you are interested in the culture of China, you want to develop personally, it is worth studying it. Moreover, the Chinese language is simply necessary for you for study, work, career in the PRC and other countries where Chinese is used (and this is not only Asia!).

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Bhie Chinese Tutor
Bhie Chinese Tutor
7 months ago

Fantastic article! It’s enjoyable to learn with articles like these.

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