IELTS Family & Friends Vocabulary

a lifelong friend – a friend that you have had for most of your life

a relationship of trust – a connection with another in which you have faith and confidence

to arrange a dinner date – plan to share an evening meal

a shoulder to cry on – someone to sympathize with you

a close knit family – a close family with common interests

distant cousins – people who share a common ancestor but are not closely related

to extend the hand of friendship – to reach out to someone in a friendly manner

an extended family – uncles, aunts and cousins form part of the extended family

to get to know one another – learning different aspects of each other

to get together – to meet up

an immediate family – spouse, parents, children, grandparents

a long lost friend – a friend that you have lost contact with

long-term relationships – a committed relationship between partners

to nurture our friendships – looking after our relationships with friends

professional relationships – the relationships that we have in the workplace

relationship problems – difficulties with people with whom we interact regularly

to share a common background – to share a similar heritage or culture

to share the same ideas – to have similar opinions and views

to stand the test of time – to last a long time

to struck up a friendship – to make friends

to enjoy someone’s company – to enjoy spending time with someone

to have a good working relationship – to work together well

to have a lot in common – to have shared interests

to hit it off – to like each other straight away

to keep in touch with – to keep in contact

to lose touch with – to lose contact

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