IELTS Politics Vocabulary

a ballot – a piece of paper that lists all the options that can be voted for (same as ballot paper) 

a ballot box – the container that is used to hold all the used ballot papers 

a bill – a draft from of a law before it has been approved by a vote 

a by-election – an election that happens in-between regular elections 

to caucus – to meet together to select a candidate to represent a political party 

a challenger – a person who hopes to beat someone in an election 

checks and balances – the different parts of the American political set up that ensures power is distributed appropriately 

Coup d’etat – an illegal change of government, often using force and often done by the military 

an incumbent – the person that currently holds a (political) office 

a leaflet – a small piece of paper that has information printed on it 

a nominee – a person who has been selected to stand for political office 

a whip – a politician with the job to ensure the other politicians in the party do as they are told to do. 

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