IELTS Shopping Vocabulary

bargain hunting – looking for products that are good value for money, usually because they are on sale at a lower price than normal

to shop around – compare prices before buying something

retail therapy – the practise of buying things in order to make yourself feel better when you are unhappy

to go on a shopping spree – a short period of time in which someone buys a lot of things

an impulse buy – an unplanned purchase when something is bought suddenly without careful thought

to give someone the hard sell – try to sell someone something in a forceful way

a shopper – a person who is shopping

a store detective – a person employed by a store to detect and prevent theft from the store by shoplifters

a chain store – a group of shops that belong to one company

a convenience store – a small local shop that is open for long hours and sells a limited range of everyday food and other goods

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