Download HSK 2 tests

Download free HSK 2 tests. PDF tests, test answers, HSK listening and answers.


Download HSK 2 tests. All tests are in a ZIP archive, after downloading you will find the necessary files, such as test, listening and so on. Some archives may be missing a file, this is indicated by icons with information.

HSK (Level 2) assesses candidates’ ability in daily practice of the Chinese language. It is the equivalent of Level II of the Chinese Proficiency Scale for Speakers of Other Languages ​​and level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEF). Applicants who take the HSK (Level 2) have a good understanding of basic Chinese and can communicate in a simple, routine language that requires a direct exchange of information on general topics.



You are on the page where you can download HSK 2, but you can also see additional information on the buttons.

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