Eyes vocabulary in Chinese

眼睛 yǎnjing Eyes
睁开眼睛 Zhēng kāi yǎnjīng open one’s eyes
眉毛 méimao eyebrow
睫毛 jiémáo eyelash
接睫毛 jiē jiémáo Eyelash extension
瞳孔 tóngkǒng pupil
眼皮 yǎnpí eyelid
视网膜 shìwǎngmó retina
角膜 jiǎomó cornea
眼泪 yǎnlèi tears
眼泪汪汪 Yǎnlèi wāngwāng tears flowed in rivulets
眼镜 yǎnjìng Glasses
眼镜架子 Yǎnjìng jiàzi Glasses frame
太阳镜 tàiyángjìngtàiyángjìng Sunglasses
隐形眼镜 yǐnxíng yǎnjìng Contact lens
隐形眼镜盒 yǐnxíng yǎnjìng hé Contact lens case
眼科医师 Yǎnkē yīshī Ophthalmologist
隐形眼镜护理液 Yǐnxíng yǎnjìng hùlǐ yè Contact lens care solution
远视 yuǎnshì long-sightedness (British); far-sightedness (US)
近视 jìnshì short-sighted (British); near-sighted (US)

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