15 reasons to study in China

Every year more and more children think about getting education not in America. And 10 years ago we noticed that studying in China was not common, now more and more applicants and their parents are opting for China, hoping to get at his expense the road to your dream. Here is a list of the main reasons for education in China: 15 reasons to study in China

1. Invaluable experience, knowledge of culture.

2. Even according to the most pessimistic estimates, the Chinese economy will maintain good growth rates for at least 15 years. And this is a guaranteed highly profitable job.

3. An opportunity to touch the most ancient culture. Many cultural masterpieces are protected by UNESCO.

4. Chinese language is the most common on the planet, 1 milliard 200 million people speak it.

5. European, who knows Chinese is a rarity. And rare things are valued more. The translator from Chinese is more expensive than the translator from English!

6. This is the culture of every fifth person on earth!

7. The ability to find friends around the world and learn Chinese. And you pull the conversation easily without straining, in parallel. Because at first you will communicate in Chinese with classmates from around the world.

8. The level of education in China is not worse, but better than in the West. Chinese country, proclaimed that the 21st century will belong to them. Therefore, they are mobilized, so they try to take only the very best modern.This applies to knowledge and concepts and theories and research equipment, laboratory equipment. The best world libraries, cheap Internet are at your service, and you can contact anyone from anywhere (including the American portal).

9. Security! In China, there is almost no crime. There are very harsh laws. For serious crimes they shoot in public. There are terrible prisons for the slightest offense. Anyway, the Chinese do not tend to go on breaking the law. Their religion, Confucianism, is mainly based on sweating for elders and the state. Maximum, you can cheat on the market. You can walk quite safely through the city, even along dark streets.

10. Education in China is quite cheap, especially in comparison with the West and the USA.

11. The main advantage of Chinese universities in comparison with all the others is that you can come to the country and go to study without knowing a single word in Chinese.

12. For listing all the benefits of foreign education, we actually forgot about the most important, the most foreign education. After all, in addition to knowledge of languages ​​and so on, the student also receives a specialty (or a second specialty, if one higher education already exists). We emphasize once again that the specialty is modern, scarce, and promising, with compliance with the course of modernization proclaimed by China, one of the tools of which is the modernization of education.

13. We especially emphasize that there is no age limit on studying in China.

14. Again, back to economic issues. Cost of living in China. It is much cheaper than in the US and incomparably cheaper than in the West. What does this mean? The fact that in order to have the same level of benefits as we used to have in America, in China you have to pay less.

15. The mentality of the Chinese is quite similar to ours. It is clear that religion and centuries of history divide us, but at the same time we have much in common in the recent, closest history, namely, 70 years of socialism.

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