Social Media vocabulary in Chinese

社交网站 shèjiāo wǎngzhàn Social networking site
社交网络 shèjiāo wǎngluò Social network
朋友网 péngyouwǎng Friends Network
面书 miànshū Facebook
脸书 liǎnshū Facebook
飞空 fēikōng VK (Russian social network)
Ins Instagram
推特 tuītè Twitter
百度 bǎidù Baidu
微信 wēixìn WeChat (Chinese mobile messaging program)
Youtube Youtube
微博 wēibó Weibo Chinese counterpart Twitter
抖音 dǒuyīn TikTok, Douyin (Chinese app for creating and watching short videos)
发布 fābù to publish
信息发布 Xìnxī fābù Information Release
转发 zhuǎnfā forward
推文 tuīwén tweets
转推 zhuǎntuī Retweet
锐推 ruìtuī Retweet
注解 zhùjiě explain, interpret, comment
zàn like
发消息 Fā xiāoxī Send a message
转帖 zhuǎntiē Repost
个人社交帐号 Gèrén shèjiāo zhànghào Personal social account
头像 tóuxiàng Avatar
网络直播 wǎngluò zhíbō live streaming
博主 bózhǔ Blogger

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