Money vocabulary in Chinese

qián money
提款机 tíkuǎnjī ATM
账户 zhànghù account in bank
银行帐户 yínháng zhànghù Bank account
信用卡 xìnyòngkǎ credit card
零钱 língqián small change
钱包 qiánbāo purse
银行 yínháng bank
价格 jiàgé price
罚款 fákuǎn fine (penalty)
付钱 Fù qián Pay money
花钱 Huā qián Spend money
jiè borrow (on debt, on credit)
借给 jiègěi lend (to someone something)
换钱 huànqián change money
卢布 lúbù rouble
yuán yuan (monetary unit of the People’s Republic of China)
美元 měiyuán US dollar
欧元 ōuyuán euro
现金 xiànjīn cash
借钱 jièqián Borrow money
还钱 huánqián Pay back

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