Job, work, career vocabulary in Chinese

工作 gōngzuò work, job
劳动 láodòng work
升迁 shēngqiān be transferred and promoted
工作效能 gōngzuòxiàonéng Work efficiency
劳动 láodòng work
厂礼拜 chǎnglǐbài weekly day of rest for factory workers
工作日 gōngzuòrì working day
报告 bàogào report
报表 bàobiǎo statement
面试 miànshì interview
人员选择访谈 Rényuán xuǎnzé fǎngtán Personnel selection interview
技能 jìnéng skill
本领 běnlǐng ability
日程 rìchéng schedule
加班 jiābān work overtime
工作进度表 gōngzuò jìndù biǎo Work schedule
循阶 xúnjiē move up the corporate ladder
录用 lùyòng employ
解雇 jiěgù dismiss
职业 zhíyè occupation

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Bhie Chinese Tutor
Bhie Chinese Tutor
7 months ago

Wonderful article! It’s enjoyable to learn from articles like this.

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