IELTS Work Vocabulary

to be called for an interview – to be invited to attend an interview 

to be your own boss – to have your own business 

a dead-end job – a job with no promotional opportunities 

to do a job-share – to share the weekly hours of work with another person 

a heavy workload – to have a lot of work to do 

a high-powered job – an important or powerful job 

holiday entitlement – the number of days holiday allowed 

maternity leave – time off work given to a woman about to have a baby 

a nine-to-five job – a normal job that consists of an 8 hour day 

one of the perks of the job – an extra benefit you get from a job 

to be self-employed – to be your own boss 

to be stuck behind a desk – to be unhappy in an office job 

to be/get stuck in a rut – to be in a boring job that is hard to leave 

temporary work – work done for a limited time only 

working conditions – the hours, salary and other entitlements that comes with the job 

to work with your hands – to do manual work

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