IELTS Food Vocabulary

to dine in – to dine at home 

more of a chore than a pleasure – something you do rather unwillingly 

my mouth is watering – that is to say you find something very appetizing. People use this expression when they see/smell food that looks very delicious 

nutritious products – products rich in calories 

processed food – food that has been modified in an undesirable or unhealthy way to achieve its current state 

quality justifies the bill – when a product is worth buying due its good quality, even if it’s expensive 

to restrain one’s hunger – to avoid eating when you really want to. Usually practiced during diets 

slap-up meal – a quick and fatty meal. To slap up means to cook something very quickly 

to be ravenous (to have ravenous appetite) – to be really hungry, starving, voracious

to bolt something down – to eat a large amount of food very quickly 

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