Family vocabulary in Chinese

家庭 jiātíng family
祖宗 zǔzong Ancestor
曾祖父 zēngzǔfù Great grandfather
外曾祖父 wài zēngzǔfù maternal great-grandfather
曾祖母 zēngzǔmǔ great-grandmother
外曾祖母 wài zēngzǔmǔ maternal great-grandmother
祖父 zǔfù father’s grandfather
外祖父 wàizǔfù maternal grandfather
祖母 zǔmǔ father’s grandmother
奶奶 nǎinai maternal grandmother
父母 fùmǔ parents (father and mother)
父亲 fùqin father
母亲 mǔqin mother
爸爸 bàba dad
妈妈 māma mom
叔叔 shūshu uncle (father’s younger brother)
舅舅 jiùjiu maternal uncle
婶婶 shěnshěn dial. aunt (wife of the father’s younger brother)
哥哥 gēge older brother
弟弟 dìdi younger brother
姐姐 jiějie older sister
妹妹 mèimei younger sister
儿子 érzi a son
干儿子 gān érzi Foster-son
女儿 nǚ’ér, nǚr daughter
干女儿 gān nǚér stepdaughter
侄子 zhízi nephew
侄女 zhínǚ niece (brother’s daughter)
堂(表)兄弟 táng (biǎo) xiōng dì cousin (brother)
堂(表)妹妹 táng (biǎo) mèi mèi cousin (sister)
叔伯姑母; 伯母 shū bó gū mǔ; bó mǔ cousin (aunt)
姑舅哥哥 gū jiù gē gē older cousin (brother)
孙子 sūnzi grandson (son of a son)
外孙 wàisūn grandson (daughter’s son)
孙女 sūnnǚ granddaughter (daughter of a son)
外孙女 wàisūnnǚ granddaughter (daughter of a daughter)
曾孙 zēngsūn great-grandson
曾孙女 zēngsūnnǚ great granddaughter
公公 gōnggong father-in-law
婆婆 pópo mother-in-law
岳父 yuèfù father-in-law
岳母 yuèmǔ mother in law
夫妇 fūfù spouses
丈夫 zhàngfū spouse
妻子 qīzi wife
女婿 nǚxu son-in-law
儿媳妇 érxífu daughter-in-law
儿媳妇 érxífu daughter-in-law (son’s wife)
嫂子 sǎozi daughter-in-law (brother’s wife)
继父 jìfù stepfather
后父 hòufù stepfather
继母 jìmǔ stepmother
干妈 gānmā godmother
干爹 gāndiē Godfather
老公 lǎogōng husband (colloquial)
老婆 lǎopo wife (colloquial)

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Bhie Chinese Tutor
Bhie Chinese Tutor
6 months ago

Excellent piece! It’s enjoyable to learn with articles like this.

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