Documents vocabulary in Chinese

文件 wénjiàn document
买单 mǎidān voucher of purchase
piào printed (written) certificate of right (smth.); ticket (travel, theater); license; card, coupon
护照 hùzhào passport
发票 fāpiào invoice
支票 zhīpiào cheque (British); check (US)
xìn letter
报告 bàogào report
名片 míngpiàn visiting card
合同 hétong contract
复印件 fùyìnjiàn Photocopy
原件 yuánjiàn master copy
申请 shēnqǐng apply for
简历 jiǎnlì curriculum vitae (CV) (British); résumé (US)
宪法 xiànfǎ constitution
身份证 shēnfènzhèng identity card, ID (card)
驾驶证 jiàshǐzhèng driver license
报关单 bàoguāndān Customs declaration
遗书 yíshū note left by sb immediately before death
证书 zhèngshū certificate
字条 zìtiáo brief note
入门证 rùménzhèng Entry Pass
证明书 zhèngmíngshū certificate

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